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Love is the glue that hold people together and we just love celebrating it!

For this lovely couple, we designed a truly authentic Bohemian themed wedding invitation  website. We added the personal touches that makes this look an expression of who they are as a couple and not just an invitation that will soon be forgotten.


We ensured that the boho theme was not too overpowering, as the couple still wanted the overall look to be elegant and simple. The website is contains small detail, accenting the couple's taste along with photos their family will love.


This was really a fun website to work on and we are so excited about the feedback the client gave to Troukoors Magazine, where she found our advert. You can read her full letter below.


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wedding invite web design sune


wedding invite website design sune

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What could be better assurance for your business than a completely qualified design company, who can cater for any industry? Well not much.


To be at the top of your game and stay there, you need to make sure that every aspect of your business is up to standard, including your branding! - That is where the Bunnypants team comes in. We give you peace of mind and stunning design, no matter the occasion.


The dynamic team at R59 Storage, in the Vaal Triangle, quickly learned that Bunnypants keeps a balance between creativity and functionality. This is a very important aspect for web design!


Whether your located in Gauteng, the Free State or Cape Town, we can help you. So if you have a specialised storage company, guesthouse, construction company or anything else for that matter, we are just the team for you!


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Be the game changer: Don't play follow the leader, be the leader and take charge before someone else does.


What comes to mind when thinking of some industry greats like Nike, Apple, Puma. Yes, your right. It's their ever iconic logo that is instantly recognisable and all the extra work they put into their branding. This is exactly what we can do for you, because we love pushing the limits with our designs.


Just take a look at the Compu-Nex logo and signage designs we recently completed. We just love this brand and really enjoyed working on it.


What is the next step for your company? Be brave and give us a call today, we can do more than you expect!


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Whether you are taking the first step or just the next step in getting your business out there in the public eye, Bunnypants is the team you need.


Magic Lawns is a well established business based in Vereeniging, providing in all your lawn needs. The Bunnypants team designed a state of the art website for Magic Lawns to advertise their business and illustrate what they have to offer. Their CMS website gives them the freedom to edit text on their website, like their contact details, by using the training we provide them.


Their earthy and natural website with stunning photos and designs will turn heads, while the functionality of the website will ease your viewing and make you feel welcome.


Every industry is different and has its own strengths and challenges. You need a company who can help you emulate your best features and make you stand out. You need Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio today!


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