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What are your goals for your business?
Is it to be the fastest growing new business? Accomplishing a certain target within a year? Expanding to new branches in the country or over the world? Or is it to become the best in your specific industry and field of expertise?

Whatever your goal and plan might be, you will need a number of tools to get there. Even though most of these tools will be very specific to your line of business and the plan you have set in place for your company, a website is something that every business owner will need or wish they had at some point. Our world has changed so dramatically the last few years and we need to change with it or get ready to be left behind.

Midvaal Raceway is growing business based in the Vaal Triangle and they recently approached the skilled design team at Bunnypants to help them develop a website. The website needed to have very specific features and functions to cater to their own business needs. More than that, it needed to be appealing to their very specific clientele and easy to navigate.

This completely mobile friendly website is built in the latest CMS system and will definitely count in their favor as the growing demand for mobile readiness becomes the order of the day. Along with their website training, they will be set to manage their own website as their need grows.

The Graphic and Website design team at Bunnypants are professionally trained to design for all industries and build your website to the highest standards to match your need and specifications.

There is no doubt that you will be in good hands if you choose us.


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for the love of treats logo design


When starting a brand new business, there are so many aspects you need to consider to get your business up and running. Wouldn't it be so great not to crack your head over the design aspect? What is better than getting the look and image of your business exaclty the way you want it? - Not much.


Having a brand developed and established, is the first step in the right direction. It makes a strong statement about who you are and where you're going. It creates identity and confidence in what you have built and it all starts with a logo that is recognisable and iconic.


One of the latest logo designs we did for a client, was for a company called "For The Love Of Treats". A catchy name that needed the perfect logo to complete the idea their selling. With an elegant and sophisticated style the logo speaks of quality and gives the feeling of a limited edition treat you can't resist. The idea for the brand and the logo came from the owners dream to provide in tailor made treats and sweets for special occasions.


Having the dream and vision for your company and brand is the exciting part, but the challenge is finding someone who can help you develop it into something spectacular. The bonus is when 'n strong and long lasting relationship can be formed with the design team who helped you establish it.


Let the experienced team at Bunnypants help you accomplish that. Give us a call today and find out how to get started.

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Whatever your design need is, the experienced design team at Bunnypants has it covered. Quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless and with us that doesn’t mean it costs an arm and a leg. We offer our clients the most competitive prices in the Vaal Triangle and is the preffered design company in the Vanderbijlpark and Vereeniging area.

Grati-Ma is one of our latest completed projects and like all the others, holds a special place in our hearts. No matter the size of a project, we always put our 110% in to make it the best. While working on this corporate and high-end logo, we ventured into the illustration of power - which is the message the client wanted to convey. By adding their catchy tagline “We got the power”, the look of the logo was complete. We accented the logo with blue and green to go with the strong black used in the name.

The next step was a Facebook Cover Photo with a very modern look that incorporated imagery about the services and solutions they have to offer. Using the infinity symbol to depict these services and solutions, a strong message is conveyed to the client.

By taking hands with a professional design team, Grati-Ma obtained a priceless investment in their business and the image it holds with their clients.

Just imagine what we can do for you!


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Conframat Bricks is an established family business in the Vaal Triangle, catering to the needs of their customers. Providing bricking solutions since 1999 - it’s no wonder they have become a household name.

This project didn’t involve the development of their website or corporate identity. It was a tailor made graphic design service based on their current business need. The Bunnypants team helped the client with high resolution drawings of their products. Based on product photos, we redrew their bricks so they could be used in the design of their professional company profile.

With the high resolution product images ready to be used, we could incorporate them into the Conframat Bricks company profile to better illustrate what they have to offer and the quality of their products. The company profile look is based on the already established brand they are known by and compliments their business nicely.

Offering an all round solution is just one of the things the Bunnypants team prides themselves in. We have a strong creative team who is ready to help in any way we can, because we value our clients greatly. After all, they give us a reason to get creative.

Give us a call today to get more info on how we can help you.