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“Ambition is the first step to success. The second step is action.” - Author unknown.

Wow this is really a powerful business quote and it’s so true. Those who have started their own business will tell you that it takes many steps in the right direction to get to where you want to be. Having a detailed business plan will also be essential, especially when applying for financing.


When doing searches for new business logo designs, the most searched phrases have to do with free downloads; It is understandable that one would want to save on costs, as the budget will be limited in the beginning and you might think it will be best to have your CI professionally done at a later stage. This would however not be advisable and will cost you more at a later stage, as anything with your current logo on will have to be changed and reprinted. Using a free logo download will also run you the risk of another individual having the same logo look as you, which could confuse the consumer. The other problem with changing a brand at a later stage is brand confusion. If your brand has become known and people know what to look for, a new brand will not instantly be associated with your business.


At Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio we don’t make use of templates and we don’t reuse designs. Each client has their own options to choose from and their own unique designs in the end. The combination of our creative ideas and the client’s vision for their brand, makes for a unique look to fall in love with.


Let’s take a look at one of our latest Corporate Identity designs. We made a variety of options for Ollof A. Esterhuizen Attorneys to choose from and the client loved the final product. With quick feedback from the client and clear instructions on changes that needed to be made, the brand was quickly finalized and ready to use. We supplied the client's files in JPG, PDF and also provided him with his open files for future use.


Bunnypants cares about your business and where you want to go. We have a passion for helping people interpret their message to the public, in a visual way. That isn’t something that can be downloaded from the internet, but it is included in all our projects for free.


Contact someone who cares, contact Bunnypants today!


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Starting a new business? Don’t know where to begin? Let us help you with a few tips.
So you might have heard of the term “Corporate Identity” and wondered what it means. It is a term used to describe the general look of a company, the corporate colours and logo used on all the company branding. It is also known as a corporate look or -image. In short, this is how the public will identify your company from the competition. Bigger companies might refer to this as their brand identity and in some cases they will also have a brand guideline to stipulate how the different corporate design elements should be used.


Each business is unique and so is their designing requirements. At Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio, we did some research on the most requested elements used by new and established businesses. These elements include a logo, letterhead, business card and an email signature. With these elements in place, you can very successfully start your new business. You might have the need to expand to additional documents or designs, but this depends on the growth and needs of your specific business.


Of all the elements in a Corporate Identity, the logo design is by far the most important. This is the first thing that needs to represent your brand and this will appear on most of the design elements you will need later on. It needs to express who you are and what you stand for. This can be accomplished with the correct combination of typography, an icon or both, depending on what you have in mind.


The next thing you will require is a letterhead, as this is usually needed to make business loans or get deals with other companies. Any official business documents can also be made out on the personalized letterhead designed to match the logo. Next would be the business card and/or email signature, because this is what you use to communicate with and present your business to others.


At Bunnypants we like to hear your whole story and the journey that got you to where you are now. These, along with your brief of what you actually want or need, will help us understand what we need to design for you. By knowing more about you and your business, our understanding of who you are and what your business wants to accomplish gets more accurate and allows us to portray the correct message through our designs. So what does this mean for you? You will have a strong brand that stands out from the competition which will make you and your services/products recognizable to the public.


We build strong relationships with our clients and value our connections with them.

So with your basic training in corporate identities, you now know what the next step is… Call Bunnypants to develop your corporate identity, so you can establish your brand!
Just take a look at what we designed for Bind Biotech based on their story and completed design brief.


bunnypants bind biotech ci design business card


bunnypants bind biotech ci design letterhead

 screen web design milkwood on main


So what is the next step for your business? You already have a Corporate Identity and you need to get your business out there for everyone to see? Bunnypants is the answer! Printed advertising is very nice, but the reach is very limited. We would recommend entering the digital world and marketing from there. Be honest, when you come across a new business or venue you are interested in, you do some research by checking for a website and Facebook page. From there your first impression is established based on the look of these elements, if you even found these pages.

To really create that strong impression, a website is essential and it can become a very useful tool for online marketing. An up to date website that looks great and is easy to navigate, will form great impressions. This will however not mean much if the website isn’t functional and responsive to all devices.

That’s where we come in! We bring all these aspects together and wrap it in a pretty little bow with specialized training recorded on your own website. Bunnypants specializes in design and websites - we can give you a website that looks great and that will function well on all devices. There is no need to compromise to have one or the other, we merge them together for you.

Just check out the beautiful website we completed for Milkwood On Main, a guesthouse situated in the beautiful Kids Beach near East London. The client just loved the looks we designed for their homey and tranquil Guest House. We took a new approach to the look of their website, as they already had a previous website. We especially focused on presenting the feeling of the Guest House and everything it has to offer. All the small details we incorporated into the web design, represents the loving touch they give to the rooms and service to clients.

With beautiful photos supplied by the client, we could really emphasize the home-made, welcoming feeling created by the owners. The website is fully functional and completely mobile friendly. It is also a CMS website, so the client will be able to manage it by using the specialized training we provide.

Whether you have an existing website or need a brand new website, we will be able to help take your website to the next level!

Just give us a call for your detailed quote!


bunnypants website design milkwood on main


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bunnypants website design milkwood on main guest rooms

bunnypants cdj custom logo graphic design full colour


Is a logo an important part of starting my business and does it have to be designed by a professional design company? The answer is yes, definitely!


A logo is a graphical representation of the unique identity of your company. By using the correct colours, fonts and images, your logo will provide essential information to your clients, which will allow them to identify your company and its' core brand.


A logo is intended to be the 'face of the company' and is usually the first thing people recognize and associate with your business. We form our first impressions based on what we see, before we even make contact with the specific company. 

At Bunnypants we offer a variety of options with regard to a professional logo. You can have a logo designed from scratch based on your ideas and brief, this can be part of a corporate identity or as a separate element. If you’re not quite sure what you want, you can check out our ready made logos to get a better idea. You can even purchase one of these logos and we will modify the colours and name to match your requirements.

We have also noticed that people have completely different perceptions of things and this can make it difficult to have an objective view when approaching graphic design. For this reason, we use a team of designers to develop any designs produced by Bunnypants. For a logo design we even give you the option to have a bigger variety designed, to help cover all aspects and options you have in mind.

For Kidsology we only developed a logo, as this was all they needed for now. The logo was developed from scratch based on their completed design brief. They had no set colours or typography in mind, so we made completely different options to assist in finding out what they like. From the beginning the client loved the options and only requested minor changes.

We love it when a client is happy with their designs and we aim to accomplish this every time. Interested? Send us an email to find out what else we have to offer.


bunnypants cdj custom logo graphic design