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Online Marketing Services in South Africa
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we specialize in
search engine marketing & - optimization

Online Marketing Services we offer are Google Adwords, SEO, SEM, newsletter marketing, content marketing, Google analytics
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why do i need a professional online marketing company

As the following questions, do I have the time to market my company online? Do I have the necessary qualified skills to implement SEO and SEM? Do I or the SEM Company in question have experience or references to show? What’s there online reputation itself like? Does my marketer have a business relationship with the search engines? Do they have Google certified staff? Do they use black hat tricks to get rankings that can later get my website sand boxed by the search engines? Are they full of quick promises or are they using marketing campaign related language.

Boost your online reputation by using Bunnypants Graphic & Web Design Studio as your online marketing company and have assurance that we can proof our marketing efforts with proper detailed statistical reports and professional advice.

what is online marketing

NOUN. internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web, Web Content Optimization, Social Media, Web Content Layout and Email to drive an increase in brand reputation, sales and leads.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Marketing
What does SEO and SEM mean and do I need it?

SEO –Social media Optimization

In order to compete with the billion sites on the Internet SEO is important to ensure your site is not invisible. SEO will increase your search engine rankings that will bring more traffic to your site leading to better sales in the future

Basic SEO is included in the standard website packages. Basic SEO does not include 1st page rankings with Google or any other search engine. In order to reach 1st page rankings with Google an Advanced SEO strategy should be agreed upon which includes SEO & SEM service on a monthly contract.

SEM – better known as Search Engine Marketing. Social media is an exceptional way to communicate to a new audience, social media networks like linkedIn, facebook, twitter and even Google+ are great stepping stones to keep in touch with your clients.

At Bunnypants we can provide you with monthly online marketing . We are able to ensure that your social media platforms has the necessary content for your users whether product or service related. Social Media marketing is cost effective and will be helpful when starting conversations with existing and prospective clients.

Does my website naturally appear on the first page of google?

In all honesty NO, it takes hard work, monthly SEM and running adword campaigns to ensure you are at the top of your game. SEM marketing and Running adwords campaigns is expensive, but as we always recommend to our client you need to spend money in order to achieve success with your website and company. As the saying goes you need to spend money to earn money.

How do I promote my website and get more traffic?

Develop Content that screams like me and share me. The content you place on your website has to stand out from the rest in doing so your website will get noticed by Google, average content will not suffice. Your backlinks has to surpass the backlinks of your competitors, adding to the SEO of your website as well as generating organic traffic.

is another way to ensure traffic to your site, by means of blogging you can share your blog posts to your social media accounts. Imagery and infographics are also beneficiary due to the fact that people are more attracted to imagery that content depending on preferences. Lastly and most important keywords that can be used for adword campaigning. Compiling a list of keywords, we can set up adword campaigns that will contribute to your website and company.

Can I trust anyone who offers website & online marketing services?

We do not recommend trusting anyone. False advertising is a reality and an extra dime in ones pocket is a day to day strategy of living for most. When investing in Online marketing we recommend demanding online statistics that will give you precise information on whether you have been taken for a ride and if you are over paying.

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